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Dress Your Jet

Create, Improve, Refurbishment, Refresh, Coat.

Create your Jet

We are Complete

Complete Aircraft Services is the leading specialist in customized solution and luxurious personalization in the business aviation industry.

Our customized services offer expert planning, individualization and impeccable implementation. Over the years we have created unique, designs and renovations, which pay the utmost respect to our clients individual visions.

Innovative designs, combined with the finest materials and masterful German craftsmanship have set a new standard above the clouds and on the tarmac over the past decades.

Our specialized services include:
complete renovation and refurbishment during minor maintenance events – we offer the full range of expert services that will let you set a new standard of individual style.

What we do

Improve your Jet


Complete Aircraft Services believes that up-to-date modifications and customized details can add the luxurious touch that set anything apart.

Our sky has no limits: from custom upholstery in the finest fabrics, furnishings and veneers in the world’s rarest woods and leathers to luxury washrooms – your choices are unlimited.

All designed, engineered and manufactured with German precision and expert craftsmanship.

Remodel your Jet

Refurbishment & Smart Repair

Complete Aircraft Services offers expert remodel services. Anytimes a professional touch-up will make the difference: taking you from drab functionality to polished perfection.

We expertly remove scratches, stains and cracks. We know how to get the most out of a remodel with new innovative techniques and decades of long experience.

Refresh your Jet

Cabin Cleaning

Complete Aircraft Services takes pride in 5 star services that let’s your jet shine. Impeccable expert cleaning services are a must for the upkeep of your jet.
Cabin services include anti-glare and scratchproof window polishes, carpet cleaning and fire prevention threatment, leather and paneling polishing and cockpit detailing – to name a few choices.

Exterior services can range from all-over cleaning and polishing to special landing gear washing.

Coat your Jet

HTPT Coating

Complete Aircraft Services offers the choice to uniquely express your own standard of style with custom coatings in endless choices.

This is the ultimate process to customize any detail or area: from exterior and interior.

Custom proprietary coatings are what aviation couture is all about: breathtaking finishes tailored to your specifications that make your jet a masterpiece.


“Beauty is the form under which the intellect prefers to study the world.“
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Maintaining your Jet


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Complete Aircraft Services GmbH

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Allying the project with your Jet

Our Privileges & Partners

We are approved by EASA PART 145, C6 Equipment [ATA 25], Interior refurbishment.

Please see our Certificate under Approval  

We will find a „complete solution“ for your Jet Interior or just refreshments on single interior parts.

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